How much is yours worth?

Accurately pricing your home, whether you're thinking of selling or letting, and ensuring that we can achieve the best price possible is something that comes with expert local know-how and has been critical to Morgan’s Residential success.

By carefully looking at current market trends, previously sold or let prices and the competing properties at the time, Morgans Residential will provide a full market appraisal at every valution. Morgan’s Residential look at every property on its own merits , no two properties are alike and each home deserves a comprehensive assessment to achieve the best result. Our results show that clients achieve on average 97% of asking price when using our services. Accurate appraisals are key to this success.

Beware of over-valuing:

Accurately valuing your property is critical to Morgan’s success ; over valuing even the best of homes can leave it languishing on the market and ultimately in the long term the property will quite likely achieve a lower figure as its sits for a longer period of time on the market. Likewise under-pricing your home can be just as harmful as it can create concern amongst buyers that there is something wrong with the property. We will endeavour to make sure that all our clients are completely comfortable with the valuation assessment before the property is listed to the market. 

Of course getting the right result when you sell your home isn’t entirely about the money – the experience you have makes a big difference, which is why we’ll invest time in getting to know our buyers and sellers as well as the homes we sell.

If you’d like to find out more about selling your home through Morgan’s Residential sales and lettings or would like to arrange an up-to-date valuation, please contact us. 

Our expert local knowledge enables us to know exactly how much a property for sale in Cardiff is worth in the current market and the timescales under which it should sell to a suitable purchaser.