Presentation tips

First impressions are everything when looking to rent a property out. The prospective tenant will often make up his or her mind within seconds of entering your property so it’s imperative to get things off on the right foot…

Make the entrance as inviting as possible - Cut the front grass, give the front door a lick of paint etc – try to visualise your property from the perspective of a tenant – if your eye is drawn to something for a negative reason it may be a worthwhile investment to do something about it!

A neutral canvas will always prevail! - Your property should be presented in a way that it will appeal to the masses. Avoiding any strong colour pallets and keeping continuity with your colour theme will enhance the aesthetic appearance and will increase the letting potential.

Re-invest to continue a successful rental agreement – As a landlord there is a responsibility to re-invest into a property to maintain a high standard and to continue letting successfully and to quality tenants. Morgans Lettings will provide periodic property reports with expert advice targeted towards proactive maintenance. In the long run a proactive approach to the property’s upkeep will potentially save a landlord thousands in not only cost of reparation, but in potential lost rental income. We are always working with your best interest in mind. 

“Because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression...”